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    Biotechnology Research Center, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) was founded in April, 1997, is a public service institution. The major research covered crop functional genomics, molecular breeding, plant ecological and physiology, microbiologyand molecular detecting. Biotechnology Research Center is the supporting institution of Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement, Ecology and Physiology, China-Canada Biotechnology Joint Research Center, and Crop Genetic Engineering Technology Research Center.


    The mission of the institute is to address fundamental questions of agriculture to promote the sustainable development of agriculture of Shandong province, providing technical support for crop breeding through biotechnological innovation of germplasm, offering key technology to increasing the yield and production efficiency by uncovering the adaptation mechanisms of crops to the environment, producing medical drugs and functional materials using biological engineering and recombinant DNA technology.


    Biotechnology Research Center has several divisions including offices of the administration, research management, facility and financial management; and research teams of crop cultivated physiology, crop functional genomics and molecular breeding, agriculture microbiology, and molecular detection.


    Biotechnology Research Center has 60 regular staffs,31 of them have senior professional technical qualification, 33 of them have doctor degree, and 11 master degree, including one “young and middle-agedexpertswithoutstandingcontributions of Shandong Province, one “Taishan Scholar” experts of Shandong Province, three“agricultural industrial system stationmaster and researcher”,one “distinguished professor”, of SAAS. The institute has 50 pieces of large instrument with the price more than RMB 100, 000 Yuan. The total area of the institute is 3682 m2. The institute has experimental farm of about 32 acres.


    Since the12th Five-Year Plan of China, scientists in the institute have received more than 130 major projects from various funding agencies, including theInternational Science & Technology CooperationProgram of China, the Initial Special Research for 973 Program of China, the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China.The Center received 8 national and provincial awards, published 336 papers, including 118 SCI indexed papers.


    With the development of talent research team,improvement of research condition and discipline construction, and deeply international academic exchanges, biotechnology research center will make a greater contribution to agricultural structure adjustment and supply-side structural reform for Shandong Province.

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